Why You Should Keep Your Customer Service Levels High – Retail Customer Service Tip #3

I’ve heard a number of complaints recently about businesses that “outgrew” the high amounts of service that made them great. Training for Customer Service

A typical story was from a friend who bounced a check at his small, and local bank. A bank that prides itself on quality, personal service. 

When this bank was new and hungry for customers, they called everyone whose bank account was overdrawn and gave them an possibility to come in and cover their check. My friend thought, and almost all of us would acknowledge, that this was great service!

The bank progressed quickly, mainly because of its commitment to personal service.

Then, without notifying its customers, the loan company dropped this service – apparently because it’s now too large to call everyone that is overdrawn.

Stop! My friend gets a check returned. Of course he knows he’s not likely to overdraw his consideration which it’s not the responsibility of the standard bank to alert him, but he was used to the great service.

Today, he’s embarrassed, he’s agitated, and he’s thinking about a new bank.

My own friend doesn’t care why the bank quit contacting or whether the lender has to hire a part-timer to make the calls. My friend only cared that the standard bank discontinued a special service… the one which helped make him a loyal customer.

By no means “outgrow” those special services or personal touches that attracted people to you to begin with.

Your customers may care about your business problems… All they caution about is getting the service they’ve come to expect when they come to your business.

Is actually tough keeping your give attention to you customers once your business is growing rapidly. Yet it’s the main thing that can be done to be sure your growth is the kind that “sticks” rather than the kind that kills your business.

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By Bob Negen

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