Using Cut Out Standees Instead Of Pop Up Banner Stands for Advertising

Once many businesses consider the production of the free-standing screen then the first product that is proposed by the supplier is a screaming stand. Banner stands are the traditional way of making a lightweight marketing screen due to relatively low cost and simplicity of ease of mobility. Standee Printing

Unfortunately, it is the success and great recognition of the banner stand which sometimes means that they are overlooked in favour of more progressive types of display stand which are capable of grabbing the customers attention much more than a relatively common roller banner which houses a fundamental rectangular print out. 

When formulating strategy regarding your next promotion, it is worth discussing options with potential suppliers wanting to finding non-standard alternatives that can well yield more ‘bang for buck’ than from the shelf products.

Kids In Need are one of the highest account charities in the united kingdom, raising many Millions of Pounds each year for worthwhile triggers through nationwide events and a tv set appeal. In 2010, several free-standing cut-out standees were created and used on display at LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION Television Centre prior to the event and at various locations during the filming of the event.

The utlisation of designed cut-outs when compared to standard banner stand screen is quite noticeable and the standees were uses to great effect to raise awareness and assist fundraising for the charity.

For those considering tailored standees in place of roller banners, the costs are broadly similar with a 6′ tall back button 3′ wide standee being available for surrounding the same cost. In conditions of the material the standee if printed onto, we have a variety of choice that can be focused on the environment in which the display stand is to be positioned. To get example, the Pudsey standees seen in this example were created by using a fireplace rated, foam centred table which made then extremely lightweight in order to adhere to stringent safety requirements at the venue worried. Other standees were produced by using a more rigid PVC Foamex board which is capable of undergoing transfer to and from situations without being so predisposed to damage caused by occasional knocks and humps.