New Techniques in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Biomedical engineers are always active developing things better for cosmetic plastic surgery. New techniques are being introduced with time as the requirements of the customers changes leading to fast recoveries and better final results than ever before before. Demand of clear plastic and cosmetic surgery is increasing so rapidly that in America only the industry have crossed $10,50 billion business annually. laser therapy

Development using Endoscope:

Endoscope is playing a crucial role in the recent progress techniques in plastic and surgery treatment. An endoscopy is a medical instrument with a tiny camera in it which is inserted inside body of a human to view the organs. The method is known as Endoscopy in medical conditions where the instrument is inserted in the oral cavity through a long water line to view some natural organs like intestine. The same instrument is now introduced to cosmetic surgery. 

Plastic surgeons now use this relatively old technology by inserting an endoscope through tiny incisions in the scalp which copy the images of hidden tissues to a television set display screen. Before that in order to to perform such procedure was “ear to ear” sillon.

Endoscope is also becoming utilized for treating patients with complaints of the middle of face and jowl loose. It is performed through several tiny incisions in the scalp and lower eyelids. A pro in this enhancement in the technology is that the results are now longer and better and there is a poor side too. One particular of the enhancements in the technique is that the recovering time is actually longer in comparison with the traditional face-lifts credited to swelling which remains for several weeks.

Progression using Laser:

Laser technology has brought up a revolution in the clear plastic and cosmetic plastic surgery. One of the most interesting uses of laser is in skin resurfacing. The lasers use for this specific purpose is known as carbon dioxide lasers. Through these lasers, fine lines and wrinkles on the face around eyelids and mouth can be reduced to a great extend. Good thing here in this changed distinguishly technology is that the tissue destruction is reported less when compared with traditional strategy but the same technology could be risky too as it is sometimes difficult for the doctors to take care of the laser device which bring about relatively more damaged tissues than the old traditional method.

Eliminating a tattoo was considered something impossible some time back so the one who makes any brain of making tattoo in the body should have to give that some thoughts over and over as that was considered a choice for the life. But not more! This kind of emerging technology has overcome many procedures in the plastic and cosmetic plastic surgery. Today the lasers are being used to erase any tattoo of the body. Note away that it’s a long procedure as different color lasers have to be used to eliminate different colors of the tattoo. Sometimes cheap surgeons take several visits to eliminate one skin image of the body completely but the thing which appear impossible yrs ago is now possible by introducing laser technology to the industry.