My Top Five Favorite Kevin Spacey Movies

Selecting on a set of my favorite actors is not always a fairly easy thing; there are constantly people rotating in and away of the top five. One actor who hovers around that mark is Kevin Spacey. You are not able to question that this mystical actor can be extremely talented and versatile. His 2 Senior high Awards help display that.

What are the best Kevin Spacey movies ever? Here are my absolute favorites.

The first movie that I will disucss is the Usual Suspects. This kind of film won Kevin Spacey an Oscar for Perfect Supporting Actor. This film is directed by Bryan Singer and also moon Benicio Del Toro and Gabriel Byrne, amidst others. 

Another film that definitely should be on any best-of Kevin Spacey list is American Beauty. This was the film that received the talented actor an Academy Award for Top Actor in a respected Position. This is obviously a show worth seeing.

Another great Spacey movie is Episode. Through this movie, Spacey actors as Major Casey Schuler. This movie has an all star cast which also includes, although not limited to, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr, Tanker Dempsey and Donald Sutherland.

Another film that must be included on this list is Se7en. Se7en is probably my favorite movie from director David Fincher, who also described Fight Club, Zodiac, Anxiety Room, and the approaching film, The Social Network.

One other movie that certainly makes the slice personally is The Life Of David Gale. Talk about a suspenseful movie with an incredible ending. This kind of is an absolute must for any fan of Kevin Spacey’s work.

Whilst these movies are actually my favorites, there are certainly many other great videos starring Kevin Spacey. In fact, experiencing his job application, I realize that there really aren’t any movies of his that we failed to enjoy.