Marry Trend and Practicality for the Perfect Wallet

Even though a necessity for both men and women, purses have different connotations for both. While a ladies wallet is a perfect accessory that contributes to her glamour quotient, for a man a wallet normally means a mere utility item. thin wallet

Purses and men

One equipment that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the men’s wallet. Because men concentrate more on practicality and comfort while hunting for a good wallet, the final purchase may suffer in the style department. 

The gents wallet must fulfill the pre-requisites of space and easy accessibility for cash, credit cards, photographs, IDENTIFICATION cards, business cards, but beside utility one cannot underestimate what sort of fashionable wallet can improve your look, whether formal, everyday or sporty.

Here are a few ideas if planning to replace your good old wallet:

The number game: It’s not at all womanly to have got more than one wallet. You could have as many wallets for different situations or to go with different attires.

Leather is classic: Nothing beats the look or feel of a leather wallet. If brown, black or brown, opt for sleek, superior quality, genuine leather. Brands like Kara, Polo, Fastrack give a great variety of leather wallets.

Casual-chic: Try a sporty everyday wallet in nylon or microfiber for weekends or outings.

Heavy issues: To decrease the bulk in your pocket and save yourself from the embarrassment with one protruding from your rear pocket, invest in a separate card holder from Vincent Chase for convenience and style.

Travel-friendly: In the event that your job requires one to travel a whole lot, a Kara passport budget with enough compartments and slots is a necessary.

Women’s billfolds

When it comes to an equipment for girls, it has to dazzle and stick out. A trendy wallet does exactly that to a lady’s attire. A sexy finances can also add tons of wow factor to a woman’s appearance. Contrary to men, women’s wallets are not simply practical requirement but a terrific way to add oomph to an easy outfit.

Happy billfolds

With summer round the corner, get fashionable wallets and handbags in flirty bright colorings. Brands like Cappuccino and Peperone give you a wide-variety of women’s wallets in content hues to brighten up your day. While a splash of colour is often welcome, never underestimate the strength of black. A black particular leather wallet is essential.

Printed style

Experiment with prints in females purses, whether geometric, floral or animal. They have the capacity to uplift your mood and attire. Have a look at Spice Art and Miss Fiorelli for a great collection of printed billfolds.


If little adornment, buckles, embroidery and fragile detailing is exactly what you desire in wallets for females, go in for brands like Nyk, Spice art and Butterflies for your dosage of stylish creative imagination in wallets.