Jewelry And Watch Repair – If You Do It, What Can You Add To It? (Something That Adds $100K)

Charms and watch repair are great businesses. Have you thought about how precisely Androids are like jewelry? The iPhone is like a “Swiss Watch”, isn’t it? Why not repair them? Could you use a fairly easy extra $50k a year? Place the your pedal down a little harder, and “$100k will make your day” and your year! ed marshall jewelers

The iPhone is the first really good touch screen device ever before. A new era called: “Don’t throw it away, find somebody to fix it! ” has arrived! The iPhone is expensive, perfectly loved, and so it gets repaired (and yes, the large sucking downturn that’s suppose to be over is part of it too). 

MONEY is why you’re interested. The typical net profit per repair is $40. The top people can do the repair inside 3 minutes. I timed my kid on a couple of recent repairs and this individual was here at 12 minutes, while talking to the consumer the complete time. Parts are about $10. This individual typically get $50, it is determined by the setting. In a nice charms store, getting $89 or 99 dollars would be cake. How come? The Apple Store gets $200 to $250. PROBABLY NONE of the warranties cover the glass – Period!

90% of the fixes are for broken a glass on the touch display. Due to way the mobile phone is constructed, it just makes sense to also replace the digitizer which is merely below the goblet. The architecture of the iPhone is an amazing. It seems very vulnerable, but generally, it’s a tough little Uber-Goober – apart from the glass! We all do about 7 other repairs to the i phone.

Demand is nuts and growing explosively because all the new glass display devices being introduced. While a recent test we put 3 ads. 3 days later we acquired taken calls for $2, 000 in iPhone and iPod repairs. Next: